Wong Fu’s Making a Movie!

We’re making a movie & we need YOUR help to make it happen!
Visit http://wongfuproductions.com/movie to show your support!

After years of making videos here on YouTube for our awesome fanbase of supporters, after making so many short films that we are so proud of… it’s finally time. It’s time to make a movie.
We’re so nervous to be reaching out to our fans in this way, we’ve never asked for direct monetary contributions, but a project on this scale really needs your help.
If you’ve ever enjoyed our work, if anything we’ve made has affected you in some way, please consider donating to the project and you’ll get some awesome rewards, as well as feeling great to know you are helping WFP take the next step in this incredible journey we’re all on together.
Please share this link, spread the word. Wong Fu’s first movie is on the way!

Thank you for your years of support and encouragement. Thank you for believing in us. We’ve only just begun!
-Wes, Ted, Phil, & the whole Wong Fu team!

A new blog for Phil ⇢

Remember Phil’s old Xanga page? Well, since Xanga has been cleaned up recently, Phil decided to move to a new blogosphere — Wordpress! Check it out for all of his usual insightful entries into daily life.


My First Date EVAR! - Awksome Adventures

How was your first date? Better than this we hope. TONYA!!!
"Awksome Adventures" is a new series we hope to continue, assuming you guys like our stories.

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Written and voiced by Philip
Animated by Domics http://youtube.com/d0mics

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Angry Reader of the Week: Philip Wang ⇢

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PokePhil grabbing my Pikachu at Anime Expo 2011. And my Pokeball cousin recreating that at AX 2013


PokePhil grabbing my Pikachu at Anime Expo 2011. And my Pokeball cousin recreating that at AX 2013



Tuxedo Mask Phail


One of the best things about visiting home
is the return to the ‘constants’ in life.
With everything up in the air in a whirlwind of variables,
home possesses consistency,
and reminds me what’s real and important.

So it’s even more jarring when big changes happen at home.
Reveals, it’s not the same;
it can’t be.
But that’s progress.

- Philip Wang, via Instagram (wongfuphil)

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MoreWongFu! ⇢


Have you heard? The guys are setting up a second channel!

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Kina Grannis + Phil from Wong Fu + Hip Hop

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wfw: @philipwang carrying baby ryan <3 so sweet

wfw: @philipwang carrying baby ryan <3 so sweet

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